Air Conditioning by Econo Air

Call the repair, installation and maintenance specialists at Econo Air for your air conditioning needs. Since 1982, we have provided quality a/c services throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties. We offer a huge range of products, services, and equipment to meet all needs and any budget. Econo Air is one of the largest providers of air conditioning services in Southern California.

Our success is rooted in our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction and providing them with outstanding service. We focus on each customer’s unique needs and develop a solution that not only fits their home but their budget as well. Our custom design approach to air conditioning provides clients with the highest levels of comfort using the best equipment available.

We specialize in energy efficient ac systems to ensure not only your comfort but sustainability as well. Our dedicated technicians have 35 plus years of experience and are CSLB-certified (Contractor State License Board), meaning they undergo regular testing and drug screenings. Each member of our staff has been background checked to ensure you always receive the quality services you deserve. You can trust that no matter who you deal with at Econo, we always have your best interests in mind. Call today to talk with one of our air conditioning professionals.

“Keeping people cool is our business…”

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Air Conditioner Installation Service

When you need to have a new air conditioning system installed, call Southern California’s air conditioning installation and replacement specialists at Econo Air. With over three decades of experience, we work with all types and brands of ac units. We take pride in helping our customers find energy efficient alternatives to their current systems and offer a full range of air conditioning installation services. We will work with you to develop a plan that not only fits your budget but the unique needs of your home as well. The Southern California air conditioning specialists at Econo Air will design a custom solution just for you.

AC Repair Service and Maintenance

Our beautiful weather is one of the many reasons why we love living in Southern California. But it also means that in order to stay comfortable we rely heavily on our air conditioning systems throughout the year. If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, blowing warm air, or costing you a fortune in electricity, call the air conditioning service experts at Econo Air. Remember, the a/c unit is often the most expensive mechanical component in your home and, similar to a car, it requires routine maintenance and repair. You should have the expert technicians at Econo Air service and maintain your unit once a year. This will keep your system running at optimal performance and can keep the manufacturer warranty valid. Call today to schedule your service or maintenance with the air conditioning professionals at Econo Air.


Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System

Ductless mini split systems are a fantastic option for many residents in the Southern California area. These are a perfect fit for homes or buildings that don’t have room for balky ductwork. Give us a call here at Econo Air if you’re interested in ductless mini split repair, installation or maintenance. We have been servicing the Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County areas for over 30 years and can help with all your Ductless Mini Split System needs. We love helping our customers find energy-efficient alternatives to their current systems. Call one of our friendly air conditioning specialists today!

Rooftop Unit and Package Unit Services

Contact the rooftop and package unit repair & installation experts at Econo Air for any services you may need. We specialize in residential and commercial upgrades, so that you always have the most energy efficient system available. If your rooftop unit isn’t keeping you comfortable or if it has started making a strange noise, we can fix it. All our expert technicians are CSLB-certified and have experience working with all types of rooftop and package systems.


Hybrid Solar AC

One of the most abundant sources of energy around us every day is Sunlight. Take advantage of the sun to power your homes central air conditioning and heating with a Hybrid System from Econo Air. Not only is this alternative better for the environment and more sustainable but it drastically reduces your electricity expense as well. If you’re interested in taking advantage of solar energy to cool your home, call Southern California’s hybrid experts at Econo Air. Our solar veterans can help design a specific system for your home and budget.


Thermostat Services

The thermostat in your home is one of the most critical parts of your heating and air conditioning system. It is often overlooked because it sits silently on your wall; but, if faulty, the thermostat can cause some very serious problems. Often times if your air conditioner is blowing warm air or the heater will not turn on it is the result of a thermostat issue. Contact the experts at Econo Air if your thermostat is causing problems or you have concerns.


Zone Control System

Here at Econo Air, we are experts in the installation, repair, and maintenance of zone control systems. Zone Control Systems allow you to take control of your home’s energy usage by heating or cooling only certain areas of your home. Call the experts at Econo Air to learn more about our zone control installation, repair and maintenance services.

The Southern California air conditioning experts at Econo Air offer repair, installation and other air conditioning services throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties. Econo Air, walking hand in hand with you and your comfort needs